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Message From The Principal
Posted on 09/23/2016
Scott Andrews

What are these purple Talon Tickets in my child’s binders or book bag?

Our school year is off to a good start. Our students are responding well to the use of Talon Tickets as a strategy (Specific Behavior Praise) utilized in our proactive behavior plan. Use of these tickets is designed to increase the number of positive interactions the students are involved with each day. Research indicates the importance of students positive interactions and student learning. These Talon Tickets allow us to increase the number of positive interactions within the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, even at recess and still address behaviors as needed.  

Talon Tickets are presented to students for a variety of reasons. We may present a student talon ticket for displaying a target behavior we are working on to improve with the student or the entire class.  For example, a teacher may have set a goal with the class to move more quickly from one learning activity to another. Rather than calling out students who are not meeting the desired behavior (changing materials and getting oneself ready for the next lesson) the classroom teacher can present a few talon tickets saying, “I like how Jimmy has his materials and is ready to begin our next lesson”.  The students respond in a positive manner because the tickets may be redeemed for an individual recognition or go towards classroom recognition. Recognitions may be a lunch with the teacher, students wearing their favorite slippers for a day, or getting to be the class runner to the office.  Students may also get to walk at the head of the line for the day, earn a free homework pass, or even get an ice cream treat in the cafeteria on ice cream days.   

Students can also be presented with a Talon Ticket for displaying a kind behavior to others that is out of normal everyday interactions.

Again, the focus is on the positive and proactive nature of the interaction. Students may be presented with a Talon Ticket in private or publicly depending on what is appropriate to each situation. 

When you see a purple Talon Ticket come home with your child, be sure to ask him how the ticket was earned. 

      Can you see the difference in Specific Behavior Praise? 

 Thank you for keeping your hands to yourself, Ana!  Stop and keep your hands to yourself. Ana
 Great job being quiet, Timothy!  Good Job, Timothy
 Jaime, I like that you are sharing your materials.  “Please share your materials” or  “way to go” 
 Great job taking turns in group discussions, class!  You all need to take turns as your work.
 (When observed)  
 Laura, excellent use of our new vocabulary word!  Laura, way to go



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